Women’s Economic Empowerment

August 23, 2011 · Adult

Strong women are the backbone of any thriving community.  KCM believes that by providing women business skills they can better provide for their family and community.  About 60 women are participating in five different Self Help Groups (SHG). Women come together for training and education in financial planning, small-scale business enterprise, and collectively save in a micro-investment fund used for business start-ups.

Malati Banarjee  is a member  of a SHG group called as Aallo (light). She arranged for her daughter to married with a young man.  Malati’s brother promised Rupees 10000 towards her wedding expense.  Within a week of the marriage Malati’s brother died of a heart attack. She had nowhere to turn to for help. Soon her SHG group came to her assistance  by withdrawing ten thousand rupees from their group saving and help Malati to get her daughter married on time.