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Kolkata City Mission (KCM) focuses on physical, economic and social needs of those in poverty. KCM takes a holistic approach to improve the lives of those most in need in Kolkata, West Bengal.



Kolkata City Mission supports many different programs in the city including support in the slums, access to health care via medical camps, and providing education...


We are based in Kolkata, India. Our KCM team goes into the Slums on a daily basis to teach kids, serve, and encourage families. 



Sponsoring a child in Kolkata for just $30 per month will change their life by providing them a formal education, and one additional meal...


Check out our ongoing fundraising campaigns and/or start your own to help us with our programs. We can do more with your help!



New School Buses

Published Fri, Aug 03, 18. Written by Valeria Miller.

Amazing things are happening with KCM. The village school project is in the midst of building a second floor in order to accommodate more students. KCM currently educates 136 students. We are up to 2 buses to transport these students from their homes to the school (see photo below). In Kolkata, KCM is working to build the first well in one of the informal communities (slums) with which we partner.  KCM is empowering women in all of the communities thru vocational training and small groups. All of this is in thanks to your generous donations. 


Thanks in advance for your continued and additional support, 
Ryan and Amy Paterson

Partnering with Flume Foundation

Published Sun, Jun 17, 18. Written by Valeria Miller.

Dear Kolkata City Mission child sponsor, 
Thank you for your ongoing, faithful support of Kolkata City Mission (KCM) and of its work to provide education for the children in and around Kolkata, India. 
We want to update you on a small change in the organizational structure leading to how your money arrives at KCM effective June 11, 2018. 
We want to assure you that 100% of your monthly, child sponsorship donations will continue to be wired directly to KCM and the child/children that you sponsor. Wire fees and other costs will be covered by the FLUME foundation or donations specifically designated for these purposes. 
We are excited to announce The FLUME foundation (The Foundation for Lasting, United Movements and Endeavors). The FLUME foundation is a newly registered, USA based, non-profit (501c3 status).
The scope of the FLUME foundation is to support the organizational structure and the fundraising efforts of KCM with a specific focus towards the child sponsorship program and more generally, the World Health Organization's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) https://unstats-undesa.opendata.arcgis.com
Any receipts for donation will continued to be labeled Kolkata City Mission, but the bank details will be listed as: "the FLUME foundation”.
All gifts continue to be fully tax-deductible. 
For more information please contact us at:  info@flumefoundation.org or visit our website at: http://www.flumefoundation.org
Thank you for your giving.
Ryan Paterson, MD; DTM&H 
Amy Paterson 


Student Sponsorship Update

Published Mon, Mar 19, 18. Written by Valeria Miller.

Hello and Happy Spring!

As you may remember from our most recent newsletter update, we have a student sponsorship program at Manthano Modern School, the school that Kolkata City Mission started in the rural village area outside Kolkata. We started this school as a way to reach a marginalized and impoverished community of people and provide their children with a quality English education with no cost to them. Good education in India costs a lot of money and often weighs heavily on families. In communities like the ones that we serve, education is something that usually cannot be afforded. Lack of education is one of the things fueling the perpetual cycle of generational poverty, but we are passionately moving to change that! We are able to offer free education to these children because of the student sponsorship program.

Here are the basics:
-An individual or family can choose to sponsor one of our students for $25 a month. This involves going onto our website, choosing a child, setting up an account, and setting up a payment. To make it even easier, you can select automatic monthly payments so you don't have to worry about missing one. All donations are tax deductible. 
-The child you sponsor will attend classes at our school and receive the things they need for their schooling and health care needs. They will send you a letter or picture twice a year and are able to receive letter communication from you as often as you send it.
-Because we believe that the money you generously give should go exactly where you allot it to go, we have very low overhead and administration costs, so almost the entirety of your donation goes directly to support the child you are sponsoring. 

We aren't just sponsoring academic education, we are supporting the healthy growth and development of these children, pouring into them deeply, and sending them out into the world with confidence and success, putting an end to their family's story of poverty! 










Here are some of our children sponsorship opportunities with Kolkata City Mission.

Akash Bhunia B

Akash Sarkar

Anupama Ghosh


Here are a few of our personal campaigns - started by and supported by you.

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If you have some questions or need help, please contact us. Our donations are handled by The FLuME Foundation in Denver, CO.

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