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Kolkata City Mission (KCM) focuses on physical, economic and social needs of those in poverty. KCM takes a holistic approach to improve the lives of those most in need in Kolkata, West Bengal.



Kolkata City Mission supports many different programs in the city including support in the slums, access to health care via medical camps, and providing education...


We are based in Kolkata, India. Our KCM team goes into the Slums on a daily basis to teach kids, serve, and encourage families. 


Sponsoring a child in Kolkata for just $30 per month will change their life by providing them a formal education, and one additional meal a...


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Empowerment Programme Updates

Published Wed, Oct 06, 21. Written by Valeria Miller.

Latest updates - October 6. 2021





Published Mon, Nov 30, 20. Written by Valeria Miller.

Thanksgiving 2020 - Update

Much has happened since we last kept in touch with you and we would like to update you on the many happenings at Kolkata City Mission (KCM). Corona, the invisible virus, has threatened the whole world and changed most of our plans and schedules during this year. 
Like many of you, we had also planned for several events, each month during 2020, that we were unable to hold. We had planned for the admission of new students to the Manthano Modern School, a monthly football (soccer) match with many regional county sports teams, and school term exams. We were also unable to hold our yearly Medical Camps in the informal communities (slums) and in the village with which we partner. This series of camps typically helps thousands of people in these communities and it usually ends with a KCM team get together and retreat. Unfortunately, none of these events were held.

Covid-19 Relief

While we could not do these many events, we did some unexpected things. Three times we conducted COVID-19 relief for the people living in the informal communities with which we partner. During these events we distributed dry-ration, food supply kits to the people living there. We provided food supplies to over 1000 people during this pandemic, but the need is still great.
Now they go online schooling 

For our students at the Manthano Modern School and at the informal educational programs, we distributed school textbooks and set up an online tutoring/coaching program for our sponsored students. Our teaching staff continues to work very hard, reaching out to the students living in the remote parts of the villages in order to continue their education during the pandemic. For the students who do not have access to internet or a smartphone, our teachers offer one-on-one tutoring/coaching by connecting with students via the phone and text messaging (2G network). Also, in the school, we constructed temporary accommodations for our staff to stay in the compound once the school re-opens. Once the pandemic ends, the construction of permanent teacher accommodations will begin.

Football makes a lots of differences 
The village/school football team won many trophies against other county sports clubs despite playing a significantly limited schedule. It is interesting that our football team was often offered prizes for their wins. Once they were offered 20 chickens, another time they were offered a pig weighing 60 kg and yet after another win, they got a goat. Our football team is so thrilled to be playing and to have had these winning games against other county sports clubs. 
Empowerment program 
Other programs have begun in response to the stated needs in the village and in the slum communities. These programs aim to help provide career opportunities for people in struggling situations. First, we are in the process of setting up three tailoring schools to train 100 women in the villages and in the slums. Two schools are almost complete at the time of the writing of this letter. As soon as the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, we will be ready to train the selected 100 women. Second, 50 families have been selected to raise pigs. From these 50 families, fifteen young men have been chosen to receive proper training from the local government farm office. These young men will, in return, train their families. Again, we are awaiting the lifting of pandemic restrictions and the training center re-opening before training can begin.  
At this time of year, we want to extend a very heartfelt thank you to all of our donors, well-wishers and to all of you who are remembering us in your prayers. Many of you tirelessly and sacrificially share your financial resources with us. So many of our child sponsors send their sponsorship faithfully month after month. For this
During this difficult pandemic, many of you have written to us, called us and even taken time to meet us over video calls. All of these efforts demonstrate how much you love us and care about what we do for those in need. On behalf of Kolkata City Mission (KCM), Beena and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You mean a lot to us!  
Thank you again for your love, prayers and encouragements to us. 
A very big Thank you.
Shaji & Beena Amos 
Kolkata City Mission. 










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