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Kolkata City Mission (KCM) focuses on physical, economic and social needs of those in poverty. KCM takes a holistic approach to improve the lives of those most in need in Kolkata, West Bengal.



Kolkata City Mission supports many different programs in the city including support in the slums, access to health care via medical camps, and providing education...


We are based in Kolkata, India. Our KCM team goes into the Slums on a daily basis to teach kids, serve, and encourage families. 


Sponsoring a child in Kolkata for just $30 per month will change their life by providing them a formal education, and one additional meal a...


Check out our ongoing fundraising campaigns and/or start your own to help us with our programs. We can do more with your help!



Disha Tailoring Center

Published Tue, Jul 30, 19. Written by Valeria Miller.

16 women successfully completed their tailoring course in the previous academic year. When Kolkata City Mission started this tailoring center with the help of Partnership World Wide 2017- 18, many women living in the slums had no idea that this institution would one day grow up and that they would get a certified course which would add value to conduct their own business. Sumi is one among these women who completed the course successfully and entered into the marketplace for her business. She took fabric from the wholesale market and began to produce night gowns to sell in the market. Soon her husband joined her to help take these products to the market. Right now she has four markets where she sells her products regularly. She also gets retail customers who come to her home to pick up these products. Within a year she managed to employ four more people to manage her business. Now Sumi is a proud owner of a business through which she can make a decent income.


Sumi is one among the four ladies who started her business right after the tailoring school. The rest of them have similar stories to tell. Most of the women who went through the tailoring course are self-employed and work from their homes.

2019 -20 batch has already started with 12 women who have been really inspired by the women who have already finished their course. They have decided to study with us with a goal to achieve financial freedom. These projects will surely set people free from financial constraints.

Kiran Enteprises

Published Mon, Jul 29, 19. Written by Valeria Miller.

Kiran Social Enterprises is a small company for poor women who seek to come out of financial burden which would otherwise force them to be a slave for many odd jobs. The women who work with us are really happy for the dignity they earn from this work place. They make various products out of used materials. They are very skilled in turning old sarees into jewelries, Old newspaper into beautiful gift bags, or eco friendly pens for daily use. Some companies from Mumbai and Denver have placed orders for various products and these women are working hard to meet their targets. We expect to employ more women as the market expands. Please visit our website for placing an order or for any further queries www.kiranse.com



Drinking Water Well Project

Published Wed, Jul 17, 19. Written by Valeria Miller.

Biswarpara slum is built directly on water, yet they face a drinking water problem. This slum is situated on the land taken over by a pool of dirty water. During the monsoon season it is very difficult to live under these conditions. Providing the slum with drinking water would bring about a change in the community. So, Kolkata City Mission and Compassion Service Society of India joined together to provide this community with three wells for clean drinking water. From these wells at least over 70 families can now enjoy clean drinking water.











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