Rickshaw Pullers

August 29, 2011 · Adult

Rickshaws are part of the iconic landscape of Kolkata.  To tourists they maybe a novelty and way to explore the sites of Kolkata, but the reality is that Rickshaw riders and pullers live a very difficult life.  They suffer from aches, pains, and harsh working conditions.  If a rider gets hurt there is no worker’s compensation.  His family simply goes hungry.

KCM has rallied around the Rickshaw riders and helped develop an empowerment program.  Through education and coaching they encourages rickshaw pullers to save their earnings, to give-up drinking, gambling, and to focus on the betterment of their family.  Many have taken a commitment to stop drinking, and to look after and maintain their families as a result of the training. Some of the training provided included topics such as managing personal finances, good health,  family leadership, and MED (Micro Economic Development).