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Kolkata City Mission (KCM) focuses on the physical, economic and social needs of those in poverty. KCM takes a holistic approach to improve the lives of those most in need in Kolkata, West Bengal. KCM was officially founded and recognized in 2008 by the West Bengal government, its roots however can be traced back to the origins of the “City Mission Movement” in the 1800’s.

In March of 2007, Kolkata City Mission was founded by Shaji O. Amos. It was officially registered as a Charity Trust under the Government of West Bengal in 2008.

Today, KCM has a dedicated team working with the poor and underprivileged in the city of  Kolkata. The KCM team goes into the slums on a daily basis to teach kids, serve, and encourage families. Specific programs include, informal education center designed to supplement a child’s education, women’s empowerment program designed to help women to gain marketable job skills to help support their families and kids club after school program designed to keep kids from the dangers of the street and provide them recreation which enables them to battle emotional stress which they undergo every day.



The Origin of the City Mission Movement

David Nasmith was born in Glasgow, Scotland in March of 1799 into a wealthy family. Nasmith knew little about the poverty, abuse, and the inequality that existed in Glasgow until he was a young man apprenticing in the manufacturing industry and was forced to come face to face with these harsh realities. Nasmith found his calling and vision to work among the poor. In January of 1826 Nasmith founded the Glasgow City Mission, and then began travelling all over Britain, Canada and the US establishing missions wherever he went. He encouraged the rich and willing community to “go to the poor” and to have a highly visible presence in poor communities meeting the spiritual, physical and economical needs of the poor.


KCM’s History within the City Mission Movement

In 2000 Shaji O. Amos attended a conference in Glasgow, Scotland where he learnt of the City Mission Movement and its commitment to reach the urban poor by responding to their physical,  economical and spiritual needs. His Glasgow experience enabled him to give birth to the Kolkata City Mission. KCM began in 2007, with encouragement and support from good friends and well wishers , Kolkata City Mission officially registered as a charity trust on 26th September 2008. 

Flume Foundation in U.S.
The FLUME Foundation (The Foundation for Lasting, United Movements and Endeavors) is a USA based, non-profit (501c3 status) that will be managing the online donations on behalf of Kolkata City Mission. 
The scope of the FLUME foundation is to support the organizational structure and the fundraising efforts of KCM with a specific focus towards the child sponsorship program and more generally, the World Health Organization's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) https://unstats-undesa.opendata.arcgis.com
Any receipts for donation will continue to be labelled under KOLKATA CITY MISSION, but the bank details will be listed as "the FLUME Foundation"
All gifts continue to be fully tax-deductible. 
For more information please contact us at:  info@flumefoundation.org or visit our website at: http://www.flumefoundation.org



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